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1. If no guarantee is received, the restaurant will prepare and charge for the number of persons estimated from the catering booking sheet.

2. A deposit is required for all catering function/events to assure room availability. Lunch or brunch deposit required $50. Sunday through Thursday evening banquet room deposit required $150. Saturday evening banquet room deposit required $300 and 75 person minimum. Deposits will be applied to purchases of food and beverage. If attendance falls below 75 people on a Saturday night in the banquet room a $200 room charge will be applied to the final bill.

3. If a function must be canceled the deposit will be returned in full if the restaurant has received notification of cancellation at least 90 days prior to the event.

4. Payment in full is required at the beginning or at the conclusion of all catered functions/events, unless prior credit arrangements have been established with the restaurant.

5. Final menu selection and room set up instruction must be submitted 2 weeks prior to event.

6. If a change from the original set up is required on the day of the event a $25 labor charge will be added to the banquet check.

7. A final guarantee of the attendance at any catering event must be received 7 days in advance. Under certain circumstances (Memorial Gatherings) minor adjustments may be made 1 day prior.

8. If attendance falls below guarantee number, the customer will be charged for the guarantee amount. The restaurant will however prepare for 5% over the guarantee amount.  Because we know how hard it is to guarantee numbers for funeral receptions the restaurant will prepare 10% above guarantee. When attendance falls below guarantee the restaurant will charge for a minimum of 90% of guarantee.

9. No food or beverage of any kind will be permitted to be brought into any banquet room, meeting room or restaurant by any guest without prior approval of the general manager and or food and beverage director.

10. The restaurant is not responsible for damage or loss of any item left in the restaurant or parking lot prior to or following any function/event.

11. The customer is responsible and shall reimburse the restaurant for any damage, loss or liability incurred to the restaurant by any of the customers, guests or organizations contracted by the customer to provide any services or goods before, during and after the function/event.

12. Any items displayed in the restaurant or signs, must be approved by the restaurant management prior to being displayed.

13. All prices are subject to change, with notification (when possible).

14. A $250 room fee will be added to all wedding banquets.

15. All balances remaining unpaid more than 14 days after due date shall be subject to a service charge at the maximum interest rate allowed by state law. Should this amount due be referred to collection, customer agrees to pay all attorneys’ fees, court cost and collections and litigation expenses arising as a result of customer’s failure to pay all balances due.

16. Decorating: No open flame candles, nails or tacks in the walls.

17. We reserve the right to card and/or refuse service to anyone at any event. We reserve the right to close the bar service at any time.

18. For health reasons, unused leftover food or beverage remains the property of the restaurant.

I have read the above contract and restaurant catering policies. I agree to the terms and conditions. This booking will remain tentative, subject to cancellations by the restaurant until a signed copy of this contract is received.

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